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Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye Disease is a “multifactorial disease of the tears and ocular surface that results in symptoms of discomfort, visual disturbance, and tear film instability with potential to damage the ocular surface.” (DEWS)

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Dry Eye Disease is a chronic cycle of inflammation on the eye surface and can worsen over time, leading to more symptoms and blurred vision. Early treatment and ongoing management is very important! We aim to decrease symptoms, restore balance on the ocular surface, and prevent further damage to your eyes.

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What are the Common Symptoms?

  • burning and stinging
  • blurry or fluctuating vision
  • red eyes
  • light sensitivity
  • foreign body or gritty sensation
  • tearing
  • itching
  • ocular fatigue
  • contact lens intolerance
  • pain

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What Causes Dry Eye Disease and the Cycle of Inflammation?

  • aging
  • hormone changes/menopause
  • many medications (for allergies, high blood pressure, depression, etc.)
  • digital screens (cause lower blink rates)
  • medical conditions (arthritis, diabetes, autoimmune)
  • contact lens wear
  • eye surgeries
  • environmental factors (wind, sun, air conditioning)
  • low dietary intake of omega 3s

How is Dry Eye Disease Treated?

  • artificial tears and ointments
  • warm compresses
  • eyelid hygiene
  • prescription medicated eyedrops
  • omega 3 supplements
  • in-office treatments (iLux, Zest, punctal plugs)

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