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Dr. Julie Jongpeier Optometry

Your Burlington Family Optometrist

Contact Info
469 Guelph Line
Burlington, Ontario
L7R 3L8

905-399-3937 (EYES)

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We carry a wide selection of glasses for women, men and children. Whether you're looking for the latest trend in eyewear or want a style that is very simple, we carry a quality frame that is perfect for you! We offer great warranties on all of our frames and lenses and offer you the latest in lens technology.


Ray Ban

The decades pass. Trends change. But Ray-Ban remains. The look of legends and a symbol of style, with undeniable presence for trendsetters around the world.

Kate Spade

We value thoughtful details. We think a layer of polished ease looks and feels so chic. Modern, sophisticated color makes a personal style statement! This collection is very popular in our optical!

Maui Jim

Maui Jim believes color and light are the key to human experience. Our sunglasses show you its full spectrum, so you can see the world like you've never seen.


Coach is a global fashion house founded in New York in 1941. Inspired by the vision of Creative Director Stuart Vevers and the inclusive and courageous spirit of our hometown, we make beautiful things, crafted to last—for you to be yourself in.


Burberry frames and sunglasses are a British icon with a heritage of legendary innovation and craftsmanship. Established in 1856, Burberry remains at the forefront of all fashion avenues.


Widely recognized for her iconic style and lifelong love of design, Grammy winning singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani launched her luxurious fashion line L.A.M.B. in 2003. What began in Gwen's kitchen as a two-week design project has grown into a much-loved lifestyle brand. An acronym for Love Angel Music Baby, L.A.M.B. is defined by Gwen’s innate sense of style which features a perfect mash-up of classic Hollywood movie star glamour and modern street influences.

Ted Baker

One of our best sellers! Ted weaves quality, ingenuity and mischief into every piece. Mixing retro influences with contemporary flair, his eyewear collections are best described as quirky yet commercial, with a focus on high quality design detailing. Ted's eyewear for men and women is unique, refined and trendy but never dares to take itself too seriously.


Real Champions fuel up on passion, no matter age, size, gender or ability. You can do more of what you love when you’re comfortable. Since 1902, this innovative sport line has been helping [people “get their game on” in style and comfort. Champion eyewear offers zero distraction with performance features like: durable stainless-steel constructions, featherweight plastics and performance fitting temples. Great for those busy, active boys!

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is a go-to for the modern working women. From the first interview to the first big meeting and every day in between, Ann Taylor’s heritage has always mirrored the milestones in women’s lives, with the best in quality, versatility, sophistication and iconic American style. Ann Taylor’s goal is to make their client feel confident, chic and styled for every facet of her life. A great line for those looking for petite frames.

Alfred Sung

From Canadian Designer, Alfred Sung comes an eyewear collection that defines innovative styling in both classic and contemporary shapes for men and women. Alfred Sung embraces exquisite, classic style and elegance, over trends that may be in one day and out the next. His distinctive Sung style carries through from his couture line to his dynamic eyewear collection featuring a sleek assortment of distinctive shapes, colours and finishes for both men and women.


The Superflex® collection is an affordable lifestyle collection that caters to all market segments. Frame materials include stainless steel and hand-made acetate. Designs range from elegant classics to contemporary for both men and women. All frames are designed with spring hinge temples for added comfort, fit and durability.


With equal focus on fit, function and aesthetics, EVATIK eyewear for men strikes the perfect balance between comfort and luxury. Minimalistic and architectural designs are elevated by the finest materials such as handmade acetate, high grade stainless steel, and Japanese titanium. Deep, rich, masculine colors and custom design elements define the collection, creating a polished and refined look for today’s modern man. This line has been popular in our optical for many years!


Confidence, individuality, signature style. That’s what FYSH eyewear is all about. Designed for the strong, ambitious, game-changing woman looking to showcase her unique personality, FYSH combines the latest runway trends with the colours of the season, resulting in bold frames featuring fun hues, intricate patterns, and eye-catching shapes.


Taking its direction from the clean, modern aesthetic of Scandinavian design, KLiik eyewear is designed specifically for women requiring smaller eye sizes. The minimalistic design is elevated through bold coloration, intricate laser cut detailing and custom design elements.


In today’s world of fast fads and throwaway trends, Stepper Eyewear revolves around timeless designs and sophisticated elegance. With a focus on premium quality and unmatched fit and comfort, Stepper frames are constructed from advanced materials such as TX5 (Stepper’s exclusive high performance organic plastic) and ultra-light Titanium and Beta Titanium, providing consumers with lightweight, comfortable and durable styles. When your eyewear is this comfortable, fits this well, and looks this good; it can only be Stepper. A huge favourite of many of our patients-they love the comfort!

One True Pair

OTP, One True Pair, features modern structures and shapes for a fluid and weightless feel. Very trendy! Retro inspired thin metal and translucent handmade acetate define the collection with a distinct color scheme of classic metallic trends paired with soft neutrals.

Contact Lenses

Are you interested in wearing contact lenses? Are you uncomfortable in your current contact lenses and want to try something new? Today there are many excellent contact lens options available: Daily wear disposable lenses, lenses for astigmatism, multifocal lenses, coloured lenses and lenses with UV protection.

We will prescribe the best suited contact lenses and solution for you and your lifestyle!

Dry Eye Products

Bruder Mask

Patented MediBeads eye mask, that distributes an even moist heat to gently melt oil to improve meibomian gland function and decrease evaporation of tears. An important part of home therapy and maintenance for dry eyes!

Eyegiene mask

Insta-warmth eye mask with warming wafers that heat up automatically when opened. Used to gently melt oil to improve meibomian gland function and decrease evaporation of tears.

iDrop Pur

Viscoadaptive, preservative free & contact lens safe eye drop that adds hydration to the ocular surface for immediate relief of mild to discomfort due to dry eye disease.

iDrop Pur Gel

Viscoadaptive, preservative free gel formulated eye drop that adds hydration to the ocular surface for instant relief of moderate & severe discomfort due to dry eye disease.

iDrop MGD

Viscoadaptive, preservative free eye drops for enhanced relief and long-lasting hydration for MGD dry eye. Designed to enhance the lipid layer while reducing evaporation of the tear film.


Lubricating ointment containing Sodium Hyaluronate, to provide maximum relief for severe dry eyes. Designed to protect the ocular surface from drying out when sleeping.

i-Lid N Lash

Daily eyelid hygiene wipes with Hyaluronan to remove ocular debris while leaving the skin more hydrated.

i-Lid N Lash Plus

Daily eyelid hygiene wipes that uses Hyaluronan plus tea tree oil to cleanse away dirt, bacteria and toxin while leaving the skin more hydrated.

i-Lid N Lash Makeup Remover

Hypoallergenic eye makeup remover specifically formulated for dry eyes. Uses Hyaluronic acid to leave the skin feeling smooth and hydrated, while safe for the tear film and great for dry eyes!


Lubricating eye drop containing sodium hyaluronate, delivered in a sophisticated airless-pump action to add hydration to the ocular surface for mild dry eye relief.

Hylo Gel

Lubricating eye drop containing sodium hyaluronate, delivered in a sophisticated airless-pump action to add hydration to the ocular surface for strong dry eye relief.

Hylo Dual

Lubricating eye drop delivered in a sophisticated airless-pump action bottle containing sodium hyaluronate for hydration, and ectoine to relieve itchy and burning caused by inflammation and allergies. This is a great product for allergy season!


Preservative free lubricating ointment that contains retinol palmitate and vitamin A for improvement of the tear film and protection of the eye's surface. Good for severe dry eyes and while sleeping for added ocular protection.

Thealoz Duo

Lubricating eye drops to reduce inflammation and stabilize the tear film. Main ingredient is trehalose, a natural substance present in many plants and animals to help them survive dry conditions.

Thealoz Duo Gel

A gel formula for intense relief of moderate & severe dry eye symptoms. Restores osmatic balance in the surface of the eye. Provides great relief during those very cold, dry winter months!

Blephadex Eyelid Wipes

Daily eyelid hygiene wipes that contain cleansing tea tree oil and moisturizing coconut oil to hydrate and remove excessive oils and debris from the lashes. Used in the maintenance of chronic blepharitis.

Blephadex Eyelid Foam

Daily eyelid hygiene foam formula for lid hygiene with tea tree and coconut oil to cleanse, moisturize, sooth, refresh and revive the lashes. For treatment of chronic blepharitis.

Blephaclean Eyelid Wipes

Gentle, hypoallergenic, daily eyelid hygiene wipe suitable for sensitive skin to reduce inflammation and infection of the eyelids or to treat mild blepharitis.


Gentle, hypoallergenic daily eyelid hygiene gel formula that dissolves and removes crusts and secretions from the eyelids without dehydrating the surrounding skin.


Eye lid hygiene spray that contains 100% pure hypochlorous acid solution (HOCL) a natural component in the body with antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Helps to remove bacteria, reduce inflammation and restore comfort!

PRN Omega-3

Physician Recommended Nutriceutical High Potency Omega-3 Oil that improves meibum quality and decreases tear evaporation. This formula has the recommended amount of EPA and DHA, the fatty acids that target the oils in the eyes and help reduce dry eye symptoms over time.

Other Products

  • Prescription Eye Drops (eg: antibiotic drops)
  • Non-Prescription Eye Drops (eg: artificial tears)
  • Ocular Vitamins (eg: Vitalux)
  • Eye Foods Book
  • Contact Lens Solution and Cases
  • Lid Care Wipes