Three Harmful Effects of Hyperopia (Farsightedness) On Your Child’s Vision

Did you know that most children are born hyperopic (farsighted)? As the eye grows and develops, your child’s hyperopia should correct into their teenage years. The amount of optical prescription that remains by their teenage years will usually become permanent. Here are 3 harmful effects hyperopia can have on your child’s vision.

1. Academic Delay

Children who are farsighted can have trouble seeing up close. This can cause eye strain or eye fatigue. If untreated, your child will begin to avoid up close activities. This can delay your child from reading at their recommended grade level or even be confused with poor behavior. An eye exam will detect your child’s amount of hyperopia and determine if it is normal for their age.. A pair of eyeglasses can make reading an easy activity your child looks forward to!

2. Eye Turn (Strabismus)

Children have very strong and flexible eye muscles that can compensate for some of their hyperopia. However, like the rest of our muscles, they can get fatigued causing your child’s eye to either turn inwards or outwards. A pair of eyeglasses can help reduce the strain your child’s eye muscles must compensate for and this lessens their visual fatigue throughout the day!

3. Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

Children often have different amounts of hyperopia in each eye. Your child’s eye muscles will strain the least amount possible to reduce eye fatigue. This will leave one of your child’s eyes with blurred vision and slow down its growth and development. If untreated, the blurred vision can become permanent. A pair of eyeglasses can give both of your child’s eyes clear vision for a lifetime!

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Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment. Anyone experiencing an eye health condition should consult their eye care professional.